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     Chef Miller’s love affair with food began in his early teens working as kitchen help at the famed Perfect Pan Cooking School in San Diego. Working in the kitchen alongside of world class Chef's Jacques’ Pepin, Julia child, Paula Wolfert, Diana Kennedy & Marcella Hazen exposed Chef Miller to French, Italian, Moroccan cuisines and had far reaching effects towards his passion of California Cuisine and it's use of fresh local herbs, seasonal organic produce and the finest local proteins.    
      Chef Miller's resume includes the following culinary positions; Banquet Chef at the Ritz Carlton in Colorado and St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.  Corporate Executive Chef for a group of 7 wellness centers across the United States.  Executive Chef for the UB Group's North American operations.  Executive Chef for Dr. Deepak Chopra in Rancho Santa Fe, California. Other postitions include working at the world famous Golden Door Spa in San Diego under Chef Michel Stroot, Paula Le Duc catering in Emeryville, California, and as a private and personal chef for A-List clients in their homes and yachts, special events & film production sites through out California, Colorado, US Virgin Islands and Mexico. 

“A” list clients:

Tommy Hilfiger
Kelsey Grammer
Robin Williams
President Ford
President Clinton
Nick Cage
Gerard Butler
Zack Snyder – Producer / Director;
300, Sucker Punch, Watchmen

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Alameda, California 94501
United States 

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